Public Relations

Breathe PR offers public relations services to businesses that want to stand out and tell their story.

We know exactly how the media works and what makes a great story. We are excellent at creating great stories and building relationships with journalists and other influencers.

PR services include: media relations, press release writing, media tours, feature writing, events, case studies and thought leadership placement.

Social Media

Social media is integral to every communications strategy, as it allows a business to publish its own news, build its own brand and develop important relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Let a professional look after your social media channels, while you look after your business.

Social media services include: account set-up, community management, social listening, building followers, content creation, reporting and analysis.


We create engaging and targeted marketing content and copywriting that really speaks to your audience.

We believe it is important to cut through the jargon. If you really want to communicate with your audience, then keep it simple and easy to understand.

Copywriting services include: brochures, sponsorship documents, newsletters, case studies, reports and white papers.


At Breathe PR, we understand how important SEO can be to any modern business, and can integrate link-building and SEO copywriting into our PR campaigns.

Being found online stems from creating a very high quality website and online content, researched and written specifically for your audience.

SEO services include: website copy, keyword research, blog post writing, SEO content strategy.